A Beginner’s Guide To Permanent Hair Removal And Skin Treatment

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While body hair and acne are completely natural, excessive amounts of either can cause your confidence to dip. This can impact your approach to life and prevent you from enjoying public settings. While there are several DIY techniques to get rid of unwanted hair and cover up acne, they won’t stop your problem from coming back.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for unwanted face and body hair or treatment to cease breakouts in teens, young adults, and hormonal adults with onset acne, there are specific remedies you can try. These options are more expensive than topical creams and razors and require a trained professional to administer them. 

To ensure you receive optimal results, you need to be aware of the most successful options available to you and prepare yourself to undergo them. To help you go about your preparations with ease, Serenity Hair Removal has put together a Beginner’s Guide to permanent hair removal and skin treatment. In this guide, we have covered different steps to identify an ideal treatment and prepare yourself for it.

Getting Started

Do your research: You must do a bit of research before receiving any laser or chemical treatments for your hair removal or skincare needs. That way, you can be sure that you are receiving a legitimate treatment. For example, laser hair removal and electrolysis are the only methods to reduce or remove hair permanently. All other methods are temporary and could possibly increase hair re-growth.

Approach a professional: Professionals like Serenity Hair Removal can address underlying concerns that could be causing excessive hair growth or acne, rosacea, and pigmentation changes in your skin. As experienced and certified professionals, we know how to diagnose you and offer customized treatments to solve your issue.

Next Steps

Maintain consistency: While receiving treatment for permanent hair removal or acne, make sure that you are consistent with your treatment plans. By this we mean, make sure you don’t skip your treatment appointments or stop using the ointments we prescribe.

Listen to your specialist: Follow the professional advice of your laser technician or aesthetician, especially when they tell you to stay away from direct exposure to the sun. Remember to follow their pre and post-treatment instructions to ensure you obtain the best results.

Advice From The Pros

Be patient: Skin improvement and permanent hair removal take time, so be patient and stay on track with your treatment protocols. Do not give up if you don’t see significant results after the first few weeks. It will only mean you have to restart the whole procedure.

Call us for insights: As experienced beauticians, we can help you understand your skin and hair removal situation and advice you on the best ways to treat it. Simply give us a call at (604) 897-5482 to schedule an appointment, and you’ll be on your way to solving a problem that might seem more significant to you than it actually is.

Taking the first step to obtaining professional treatment is often the most difficult, but with the experts at Serenity Hair Removal guiding you, you won’t have to worry about a thing. As specialists in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and vascular treatment, in Abbotsford, BC, we are here to guide and advise you on the solutions to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Our highly-educated laser technician and electrologist are committed to providing excellent and professional care, and you’ll find the environment in our clinic, extremely relaxing and professional.

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